miRTMC is noval miRNA target prediction method based on matrix completion algorithm.It is used for predicting miRNA targets by integrating miRNA seed sequence simlarity, 3'UTR sequence similarity and the validated miRNA targets. The command-line verdion of miRTMC can be run on a Windows or Linux (ubuntu 16.04 recommended) platform. Here, we provide software packages and the datasets for download.

Source download

Dataset D1 in the paper can be downloaded here: dataset_D1.rar

Windows version:miRTMC_windows.zip

Linux version:miRTMC_linux.zip


Requirements: The MATLAB Runtime version 9.0 (R2015b 64-bit) is required). If the MATLAB Runtime is not installed, please downloading 64bit version of MCR from the MathWorks, respectively. website: http://www.mathworks.com/products/compiler/mcr/index.html

Author: Hui Jiang


jxwang@mail.csu.edu.cn and yaohang@cs.odu.edu

The computational result of this program depend on the random numbers generated, which may not be exactely the same as those shown in the manuscript .