ID 题目
3 Reconstructing Cell Cycle Pseudo Time-Series via Single-cell Transcriptome Data
39 TPEA: a novel pathway enrichment analysis approach based on topological structure of pathway
101 Analysis of ribosome stalling and translation elongation dynamics by deep learning


ID 题目
92 Extracting fitness relationships and oncogenic patterns among driver genes in cancer
45 Developing an agent based drug model to investigate the synergistic effect of the drug combinations
36 Integration of deep feature representations and handcrafted features to improve the prediction of N6-methyladenosine sites
82 NeuroPP: a tool for the prediction of neuropeptide precursors based on optimal sequence composition
2 Identifying DNA N6-methyladenosine sites by using nucleotide chemical properties
50 The integrative method based on Module-network for identifying driver genes in cancer subtypes
100 miRTRS: A Recommendation Algorithm for Predicting miRNA Targets
81 Identification of Cancer Subtypes by Integrating Multiple Types of Transcriptomics Data with Deep Learning in Breast Cancer Data
60 NMFGO: Gene function prediction via nonnegative matrix factorization with Gene Ontology
34 基因变异间的因果关系发现与验证
14 A Robust Symmetric Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Framework for Clustering Multi-view Microbiome Data
63 Reconstructing phylogeny by aligning multiple metabolic pathways using functional module mapping
31 PageRank Based Method to Identify Essential Proteins by Integrating Gene Expression Profile, Gene Ontology and Protein Complexes
56 HIGA : a Running History Information Guided Genetic Algorithm for Protein–Ligand Docking
83 Protein-Protein Interactions Prediction based on Ensemble Deep Neural Networks
89 Effectively Detecting Protein Complexes in Weighted Dynamic PPI Networks
10 基于布尔矩阵分解的蛋白质功能预测框架(The Framework of Protein function prediction based on Boolean Matrix Decomposition)
15 A seed expansion graph clustering method for protein complexes detection in protein interaction networks
62 A Hybrid Algorithm based on Tabu Search and Chemical Reaction Optimization for Feature Selection of Highdimensional Biomedical Data
99 MMM: Classification of Schizophrenia Using Multi-modality Multi-atlas Feature Representation and Multi-kernel Learning
52 Cancer Classification Based on Support Vector Machine Optimized by Particle Swarm Optimization and Artificial Bee Colony
38 Modeling and control of a delayed Hepatitis B virus model with incubation period and combination treatment
76 基于网络约束双聚类的癌症亚型分类
13 Protein solvent accessibility prediction by stacked deep bidirectional recurrent network
18 基于Docker 技术架构高移植性生物信息数据软件流虚拟web平台
48 Classification and Feature Selection via Sparse Multi-view Low-Rank Regression
32 Selecting Feature Subset Based on SVM-RFE and Overlapping Ratio
94 一种基于节点间路径度量的图聚类算法
66 An Improved Algorithm on Graph Canonization Problem
51 A Generic Multi-Cellular Biological Simulation Platform based on CUDA
21 An Interface for Biomedical Big Data Processing on the Tianhe-2 Supercomputer
37 SIMBA: a single molecule-guided Bayesian localization microscopy for practical live cell super-resolution imaging
79 癌症组学数据的低维表示
59 Deep convolutional neural networks-based early automated detection of diabetic retinopathy in fundus image
85 A thickness-based iterative non-uniform Fourier reconstruction algorithm for electron tomogram
96 一种面向大规模序列数据的交互特征并行挖掘算法
20 Multi-objective optimization algorithm to discover condition-specific modules in multiple networks
91 Fusion Analysis of Resting State Networks And Its Application to Alzheimer's Disease
5 MTMO: An efficient network-centric algorithm for subtree counting and enumeration
72 Network-based differential analysis to identify molecular features of tumorigenesis for esophageal cancer
90 The analysis on the integrality and evolutionary origin of ABA signaling pathway from aquatic to terrestrial plants
12 Ensemble Classification for Gene Expression Data based on Parallel Clustering


ID 题目
46 A bioinformatics web platform for omics data analysis at Sun Yat-sen University
22 Identifying Drug-pathway Association Pairs via GL2,1-Integrative Penalized Matrix Decomposition
33 Selecting Near-native Protein Structures from Ab Initio Models Using Ensemble Clustering
41 A fast projection-based algorithm for clustering big data
61 Deletion Genotype Calling on the Basis of Convolutional Neural Network
47 Malopred: an online prediction tool for lysine malonylation
64 Identifying novel human miRNA-disease association based on double layer random walk model
88 Alignment of Dynamic Protein-Protein Interaction Networks Based on Segment Tree Optimization
30 A Novel Computational Method for Detecting DNA Methylation Sites with Sequence and Physical Structural Properties
69 A Survey of Computational Methods of the RNA-Seq Data Analysis and Applications
9 基于梯度投影算法的复杂网络模块划分方法
16 GDPTrDB:connecting Genotype, Disease, Phenotype & Treatment
77 Detecting diagnostic biomarkers of Alzheimer disease by integrating gene expression data in six brain regions